Xbox Series S Design And Xbox Next-Gen Pricing And Date Reportedly Leaked

Xbox Series S Design And Xbox Next-Gen Pricing And Date Reportedly Leaked

The Xbox Series S has seemingly been revealed, and while it’s still unconfirmed, reports are coming in from a reporter with a solid track record. Furthermore, details of the Xbox next-gen release–including prices and a date–have also reportedly leaked.

The Xbox Series S leaked design

Thurrott reporter Brad Sams has unveiled the design below, showing what the Xbox Series S will reportedly look like. Whether or not this is the actual final design remains to be seen, as Microsoft has not officially unveiled the Series S (or even, technically, announced it), but industry insider Daniel Ahmad has backed up the report, saying this is the design we should expect.

You can check it out below.

It appears to be a lot smaller, and will not feature a disc drive.

As for the price and date, Windows Central is reporting that Microsoft is set to hold a press conference soon formally announcing the Series S, as well as these details. They report that both the Series S and Series X will launch on November 20; the series S will cost $299USD, and the Series X will cost $499USD.

The piece also reports that the consoles will be available through Xbox’s All Access subscription service, with the Series S being set at $25 a month and the Series X at $35 a month. Phil Spencer has previously said that All Access is “critical” to their next-gen strategy.

We’re still waiting on official confirmation on all of this, but with November approaching, we’d expect it soon.

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