Happy Death Day 3 Gets Update From Freaky Director

Happy Death Day 3 Gets Update From Freaky Director

Fans of the movies continue to hold out hope of a third film to close out the trilogy–and producer Jason Blum has he views the project as something that he has to make. What’s the status of the film at the moment, though?

To find out the answer to that, we went right to the source. While speaking to director Chris Landon about his newest movie, , we couldn’t help but ask if a third Happy Death Day movie will be announced soon. “I don’t think soon is a real distinct possibility right now,” he said. “But luckily, the idea that I have for the third movie doesn’t rely on it being right the second, which is a good thing.”

As for what that idea is, Landon wasn’t ready to share any details. However, when asked how the film would compare to , which made a pretty hard turn away from classic slasher into the realm of sci-fi, the director teased a bit of what to expect. “The third one was going in a completely other weird direction that I thought was unexpected and also super fun,” he said.

What could that new direction be? There’s no telling, though what we’d obviously love to see is some kind of time loop Avengers movie, in which Tree (Jessica Rothe) and her crew jump around various time loops saving the world over and over again. After all, the second film ended–spoilers–with the government getting its hands on the machine that caused the time loop and calling on the college students to show them how to make it work. Suit them all up in weird costumes and turn Happy Death Day into a superhero franchise. What could be more of a “completely other weird direction” than that?

Whatever the case, it’s good to know that not only is Blum still set on making a third Happy Death Day film, but Landon is as well. In fact, Landon admitted he was surprised a third entry wasn’t greenlit after the release of the second film. After all, on a reported budget of $9 million, the film made nearly $65 million at the box office.

“I was really bummed out that after the second movie came out and it was well-received that Universal [Pictures] didn’t just go for it,” he admitted. “Because I thought we were on our way to being a proper franchise. I always wanted it to be a trilogy, you know? So who knows? Maybe we’ll get to do it. I know that everybody’s game to do it. We just need Universal to cough up the money to let us do it.”

Keep your fingers crossed, Happy Death Day fans. There’s still plenty of reason to expect this movie will happen at some point.

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