PS5 Reportedly Has Just Over 650GB Usable Storage Space

PS5 Reportedly Has Just Over 650GB Usable Storage Space

The PlayStation 5 launches in just over a week on November 12, but Sony still hasn’t concretely stated just how much of the SSD will be available for you to install games on. According to at least one leak of the system information from a PS5, it’s going to be just over 650GB.

The PS5 ships with a custom 825GB SSD, but not all of that will be free for game installations. The console’s operating system needs some of that space from the get-go. That’s why a screenshot from a video showing the PS5’s system menu, shared by noted leaker Okami13 and reported by GamesRadar, displays 648GB free out of a total 667Gb available, which could include the space required for the free Astro’s Playroom install.

That’s less than the Xbox Series X, but that was always likely to be the case considering the PS5’s smaller SSD overall. The Xbox Series X ships with a 1TB SSD, with its operating system reducing available storage down to 802GB. That means the PS5’s OS is slightly more efficient when it comes to space required, but still doesn’t leave you with a lot of room for large game installations.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 support expandable SSD storage but approach the matter in two different ways. Microsoft has partnered with Seagate to develop plug-and-play SSD cards that slot into the back of the Xbox Series X and Series S, with 1TB cards available at launch. Sony, however, is giving players the option to use off-the-shelf NVMe SSDs to expand PS5 storage. These SSDs will need to be approved by Sony beforehand, and right now the company hasn’t listed any compatible drives ahead of launch.

The Xbox Series X and Series S launch on November 10, with the PS5 hot on its heels with a release date on November 12. You can check out our impressions of both next-gen consoles, with previews of the Xbox Series X and hands-on impressions of both the PS5 and its new DualSense controller.

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