Among Us Players Are Making Their Own Music Videos

Among Us Players Are Making Their Own Music Videos

Among Us players are flexing their creative muscles while making music videos in the popular game of deception. They’ve renamed their characters, planned choreography, and edited short clips together to create charming little movies to share online.

“It took us about six hours,” said Redditor hoberti, who made a video for Lollipop by the The Chordettes. They renamed their character to match the lyrics of the song in each clip and use the in-game kill animation whenever the “pop” sound comes up.

Another player made their own version of Spooky Scary Skeletons, a 1996 children’s Halloween song by Andrew Gold, using only sounds from Among Us. They cut together clips of themselves walking, joining a lobby, venting, and other things to match the beat of the song. It’s quite catchy.

You can see dozens of music videos while browsing through Twitter and the Among Us subreddit. Fans have even made a short musical and videos with their own original songs, too.

Among Us is one of the hottest things on the internet right now. It’s been downloaded tens of millions of times and a clone of the game, which is set in a medieval castle instead of a spaceship, has soared to the top of the charts in China as InnerSloth hasn’t localized the game for that audience. The game of deception has only gotten more popular after Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played it on Twitch to help get people to vote in the 2020 election.

InnerSloth is bringing a number of player-requested changes to Among Us soon as well. We’ll be getting player accounts, a reporting feature, and a bigger map in a future update.

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