Microsoft Is Happy If You Got Your Xbox Series X Early

Microsoft Is Happy If You Got Your Xbox Series X Early

The Xbox Series X and Series S aren’t due to officially release for a few more days, but some lucky players have had their consoles delivered early. As it turns out, that’s totally fine with Microsoft, and the company gave these lucky few the green light to start playing the console early.

We saw an Xbox Series X that appeared to be delivered too early to a player in Portugal last week, but it’s unclear if this person is who the Xbox team is acknowledging. However, while Microsoft did welcome players to start playing if they got their system already, it said that more pre-launch patches–both for the system itself and for games–are still on the way. The experience early players get could be slightly inferior to the one players get on launch day.

If you are waiting until November 10 to play your new Xbox Series X or S, you can still take some steps to make the transition smoother. On Xbox One, you can move your games to an external drive, and this can be plugged into the Xbox Series X/S for immediate access to Xbox One games. You can also get the Xbox mobile app on your phone, as you’ll be using it for setting up your new console.

For more on the new systems, check out our Xbox Series X review and Xbox Series S review. We also have an Xbox review roundup containing information on several launch titles, and an Xbox order guide to help you figure out where to buy it.

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