Doom YouTuber Replaces Game’s Entire Sound Library With His Voice

Doom YouTuber Replaces Game’s Entire Sound Library With His Voice

The original Doom and Doom 2 might be approaching 30 years of age, but there are still die-hard players out there making and playing maps all the time. Now, one of YouTube’s most successful Doom players has released a mod that replaces the entire sound library of both games with recreations done entirely a cappella.

A video uploaded by another YouTuber shows the WAD in action. It replaces all of the game’s sound files, including all of the sound effects, music tracks, and monster groans. If you’ve ever wanted to listen to a monotone man recreate a ripoff of Metallica’s No Remorse with his mouth, it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Even the ambient hum of the chainsaw is included.

The WAD was made as a joke by Decino as a way of celebrating the milestone of 100k subscribers. Decino is a YouTuber who specializes in playthroughs of difficult or notable Doom WADs, often with increased challenge conditions, such as fast monsters. A recent update for Doom 1 and 2 on Steam added a new difficulty level to the game, Ultra-Violence Plus, as well as improving the game’s deathmatch mode. Recently, a Twitter user got Doom to run on a pregnancy test, which is quite the achievement.

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