Downhill Biking Game Descenders Has A Huge Launch On Switch

Downhill Biking Game Descenders Has A Huge Launch On Switch

Descenders, the downhill biking game that first released in Early Access on Steam in 2018 and eventually came to PC, Xbox One, and PS4, has now landed on Switch–and it’s done very well there. Mike Rose, head of publisher No More Robots, has tweeted out some figures following the game’s launch on Nintendo’s hybrid system.

According to Rose, Descenders was the publisher’s biggest ever Switch launch. Previous games published by No More Robots on Switch include Yes, Your Grace, Hypnospace Outlaw, Nowhere Prophet, and Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition.

Rose says that the game brought in “6 figure revenue” across its launch weekend. The game also hit a peak concurrent player figure of 6100, breaking its previous record.

The game’s appearance on Switch also saw a 40% spike in sales on other systems.

Rose has been very vocal about the costs and benefits of releasing on each console on his Twitter account. He’s previously said that releasing an indie game on PS4 right now is a struggle, and that Xbox Game Pass has been very good for Descenders. The PS4 launch of the biking game, meanwhile, was a bit of a debacle.

Rose has also previously tweeted about “gaming” the Eshop: check out this breakdown of his findings at Nintendo Life.

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