Sony Says More DualSense Colors Are Coming “Eventually”

Sony Says More DualSense Colors Are Coming “Eventually”

The PlayStation 5 is just days away from release, and Sony has provided a massive PS5 FAQ on its blog to answer many of the questions that have cropped up recently. Thanks to that FAQ, we now know that the DualSense will eventually be available in more colors, though Sony says it has “no plans” to share at this time.

This means that it’s not clear when these different color options will be available. The FAQ also clarified that the DualSense is expected to have a similar battery life to the DualShock 4, after several outlets claimed that the controller worked for only two to four hours while playing Astro’s Playroom. Since Playroom is specifically designed to show off the DualSense’s new features, such as haptic feedback, this would appear to suggest that games that take full advantage of those features may drain the controller’s battery faster than other games. In the experience of several GameSpot staff members, the DualSense battery life hasn’t been noticeably poor.

The FAQ also says that third-party specialty controllers like fight sticks and steering wheels will work on the PS5 if the specific game supports it, but that standard third-party controllers like the SCUF Vantage will not work on the PS5. Sony also says that the DualSense works on PC Remote Play through a standard USB connection, though it’s not clear if that means that it works as a standard PC controller. If you’re looking for how we feel about the PS5 and its games, check out PS5 console and game reviews for more.

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