Epic Reportedly Considering Fortnite Monthly Subscription

Epic Reportedly Considering Fortnite Monthly Subscription

Fortnite has been a big money-maker for Epic Games, but the company is reportedly considering another revenue stream using the wildly popular battle royale: a monthly subscription. The company has been surveying fans on possible subscription models.

Eurogamer reports that the suggested options in the surveys range from $5 to $16 per month. For that price you’d get about a stipend of 1000 V-Bucks, early access to a skin set, and the current battle pass. Seasons usually last about three months.

Surveys are meant to gauge consumer intent, so it’s not a sure bet that Epic will move forward with the idea. A year ago rumors circulated about an “Annual Pass” due to datamining that found evidence of such a scheme, but Epic suggested it was an older plan it was no longer considering.

GameSpot has reached out to Epic Games for comment.

Currently, Fortnite makes its revenue through sales of V-Bucks for cosmetics, as well as rotating battle passes that can be purchased for V-Bucks. That’s been the source of an ongoing legal fight with Apple and Google, though, as the game was pulled from mobile platforms after Epic circumvented Apple’s payment schemes to offer direct sales of V-Bucks. Epic recently gave some free V-Bucks to players locked out by the legal drama.

Fortnite is still available just about everywhere else, though, including on the new Xbox Series X / Series S and the imminently arriving PS5. Epic has outlined some impressive next-gen improvements, including PS5 DualSense functionality.

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