The Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch Has A Language Error

The Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch Has A Language Error

Nintendo’s special edition Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch hits store shelves later this week, but there appears to be a minor issue with the handheld. Nintendo has confirmed that there’s a language error related to the “Mario Drawing” song that plays over the device’s digital clock.

As detailed on the company’s support website, the handheld will display the song’s lyrics in the wrong language if you select German, French, Italian, or Spanish from the title screen. Nintendo notes that the error only affects these specific languages; English, Dutch, and Japanese will display the lyrics correctly, while the song itself is only vocalized in English.

Nintendo also confirms that the song lyrics are the only aspect of the handheld that makes use of the language setting, so the error is isolated to this particular circumstance. Players can also change the language at any time while the song is playing.

The Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch launches on Friday, November 13. The device retails for $50 USD and is designed to resemble a classic Game & Watch handheld. It comes loaded with three games: the original Super Mario Bros., its original sequel (which is known in the West as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels), and the classic Game & Watch game Ball featuring Mario. You can learn more in our Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch preorder guide.

The Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch is one of several products and games Nintendo is releasing to celebrate the Super Mario series’ 35th anniversary. Much like Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. 35, however, the handheld is a limited-time item; it will only be on sale until March 31, 2021.

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