PS5’s “Sony” Branding Is Off-Center On The DualSense Controller

PS5’s “Sony” Branding Is Off-Center On The DualSense Controller

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is an impressive console–one that brings with it not only a new generation of games to play on your TV screen, but also a new way to experience them. Games such as Astro’s Playroom, Demon’s Souls, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales all use the DualSense controller to deliver more immersive haptic feedback.

One feature that the DualSense doesn’t have though, is perfectly aligned branding. While it’s not a game-breaking flaw, the Sony branding under the USB-C port on the controller isn’t perfectly centered. Far Cry 6 game design director Ted Timmins discovered that on his controller, the Sony logo was slightly out of place and had a minor angle to its orientation.

On other controllers the placement, is notably worse, like on mine for instance:

Literally unplayable.

Will this graphic design blunder make a difference to your PS5 gaming experience? It’s highly unlikely, and the issue will probably be rectified when new controllers are produced and arrive in new color formats.

In his PS5 review, critic Mat Paget wrote that using the DualSense is a “pleasant experience” and that it “creates tactile experiences that enhance games in a surprisingly meaningful way.”

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