Some PS5s Are Very Loud, But The Problem (And Fix) Is Quite Silly

Some PS5s Are Very Loud, But The Problem (And Fix) Is Quite Silly

Maybe you were one of the lucky few to already get a PlayStation 5. But you may also be one of the unlucky few who have noticed that the PS5 is pretty loud–particularly the system’s fan.

If this situation describes you–someone with a noisy PlayStation 5–then there may be a fix that remedies the problem. However, it’s not something we recommend as it could void the console’s warranty.

Some PS5 owners have reported a loud whining sound when the system is on, which was chalked up by some as coil whine. However, it’s now been discovered the issue may all stem from a sticker.

Supercell’s Frank Keienburg was among those experiencing the problem, and he took it upon himself to identify and fix the issue. He opened up his PlayStation 5 and found that a sticky label had gotten loose inside the fan case. Removing the label eliminated the noise issue.

It’s worth noting that fan noise was a major complaint among PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro users. And in just about every other instance, the PlayStation 5 is a pretty quiet system.

This comes not long after Amazon UK customers have reported that their preordered PlayStation 5s are missing, seemingly replaced with everything but the console itself.

The PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide, and while getting one is pretty difficult at the moment, restocks are planned at GameStop and Walmart for Black Friday.

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