Sony Offers PS5 Download Queue Bug Workaround

Sony Offers PS5 Download Queue Bug Workaround

Sony has offered a workaround fix for a PS5 bug that caused game downloads to get stuck in the queue. Many users have turned to a full factory reset to fix the issue, but the PlayStation Support Twitter account has offered a less complex solution.

Essentially, the account says to simply start the PS5 in safe mode (by holding the power button until you hear a second beep) and then rebuild the database. That will be the fifth item in the Safe Mode options. That should resolve the issue without going through the trouble of resetting your console completely and starting from scratch.

This is distinct from another reported bug, in which the PS5 Rest Mode is causing game crashes or even wiping saves. Sony has not offered a fix for that one yet. But the PS5 isn’t alone, as some Xbox Series X users are also reporting their own issues with the new hardware.

For sheer comedy, though, there’s no matching the Spider-Man: Miles Morales bug that turns you into trash.

For more on the PS5, check out GameSpot’s PS5 hardware review as well as when you can expect to see it back in stock.

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